Is Yuval Noah Harari an ENTP?

I am currently listening to “Homo deus” by Yuval Noah Harari and I am getting ENTP vibes, at least alpha quadra (SiNe, TiFe). Below I will share a few of my ideas on this subject. 

Perception: Ne and Si

First of all his interest in History (Si) offering new perspectives and ways for the future, seeking to influence opinions and people’s perceptions (Ne). He points out how Marx’ book “Das Kapital” has done exactly that for European leaders of the time, who started to take his ideas into consideration for their decision-making, such as “who owns the means of production”.

In terms of life experience he talks mostly about suffering and individual sensation (Si). For instance when he compares external successes, he doesn’t talk about it in terms of achieving or actualizing personal desire (which would be Ni-Se), but in terms of the physical sensation which is only indirectly influenced by external events.

Judgement: Ti over Fe

He is constantly critically redefining ideas and definitions (Te-critique, Ti-parent), giving the reader a chance to rethink his own perspective. He questions many of the collective beliefs (Te-critique), depicting them as partially arbitrary, but nonetheless in many cases serving the purpose of group cohesion through modeling an inter-subjective reality that both adheres to facts and story-telling. He brings up multiple examples of how such beliefs, orchestrated by the organized elite, have led individuals into sacrificing themselves for little personal gain.

When he talks about how societies over time developed a strong belief in what is written, he shows how this simultaneously functions a strong way to rule and organize, but at the same time the information is tainted and superimposed on reality, with dire consequences for the individual, again.

Talking about life stock treatment as optimization of food production, he criticizes this purely rational approach (Te), for its lack of empathy and compassion for a suffering consciousness (Fe).

I think the impetuous for his writing is in working on every-bodies perception, from a perspective of history, through redefining and understanding, which he is definitely spending most his effort on. While he doesn’t state empathy as a positive, I think that pointing out individual suffering of the many, serves as an implicit reminder for compassion so as to reduce suffering.


Definitely Ti over Fe, all the critical thinking is at the core of his work. Perception wise, Ne over Si.

I would argue for his axis-of-consciousness (Ne-Si) to be in the perception of history, and axis-of-adaptation (Ti-Fe), in his judgement, where he applies most conscious work. Thus ENTP would be my guess, but I haven’t seen much of his other materials, such as interviews, articles or book.



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