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This is just a short overview, about what I am currently working on or want to do in the near future.

Bringing Psychological type into Chinese

I have started working on a series to translate about half of what I have learned, discovered and studied about psychological type into Chinese. This includes Jung, MBTI, Socionics, temperaments, interaction styles, 8 function models as well as a detailed description of every function and all the types. There are also a lot of issues that benefit from a consideration within the idea of type and I want to write more on that.

This is a topic that has a potential to help many individuals and I want find ways to enable personal change and development.

Chinese history of thought 

My greatest motivation for learning Chinese was to get to the core and roots of another cultures approach to living, consciously as well as collectively. I am currently studying a history of Chinese thought, after having read several of the classics. At some point I want to make a short series in Chinese and/or English to summarize what I have learned. Furthermore I want to share and maybe even translate some of the writings that have inspired me the most, whether or not they are part of mainstream understanding.

(Re)Design my Blog!

Currently my blog is just a collection of articles without much structure and lack of functionality. This needs to change.


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  1. Gary Lewis

    Hi Sven, This is Gary. I lost my phone in the ride to the airport. Without my phone, I can’t connect via Line, email nor Skype, nor access my contacts nor phone numbers.

    I opened a Hotmail account. Can you email me there? My email name is intertai — the same as for the yahoo account that i can’t access. I hope you’re well. I wanted to write you my first day here, but couldn’t. I hope I succeed through your blog now!

    I’m healthy and well. Thanks.

    Separately, you already know how much I’m in awe of your insights into Type. 🙂


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